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About the artist

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Hi! My name is Vanessa and I'm professional illustrator and surface designer from Ontario, Canada. It's very nice to meet you!

I play with Procreate to create crazy realistic watercolor designs for your products. My designs are soft and feminine. I love pink!

I'm currently looking for licensing and freelancing opportunities with companies of all sizes. I'm particularly interested in stationery and greeting cards, and love partnering with sustainable and eco-friendly companies most of all.


RSVP, Design Design, Scholastic, E-card Forest, Sandilou, Sourcebooks, Illustrated Faith


A varied artistic background

I've been a full-time professional artist since 2015 and have worked in a few different industries.

  • I studied fine arts and traditional animation

  • I was a 2D artist in a mobile games studio

  • I illustrated books with publishers worldwide as a freelance children's book illustrator

Since 2021, I've turned my attention to surface design and feel that I have finally found my true passion!

I'm constantly surprised how much my previous experiences in other industries help me today in the surface design world.

I bring my hand-painted style from fine arts, my advanced technical and computer skills from animation and games, and my storytelling and character design skills from the picture book world.

These experiences have made me a well-rounded and highly proficient illustrator, ready to tackle any challenge.

Let's collaborate!

Get in touch to request access to my full licensing portfolio or to discuss my custom work services.

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